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This gallery features our fine art and photographs that have been sold on Fine Arts America. It can be arguably said that the images featured in this gallery are my absolute best work. Others would say that the images featured in this photo gallery illustrate the best images I have for the subjects art collectors were looking for. Regardless of which side of the debate you side with there are a few things that are certain: These images or prints are pretty popular and have many views. I am grateful for all in Individuals who have expressed interest in these images (as well as all of my images). Some art collectors who have viewed these images enjoyed their aesthetics so much that they acquired prints of them. Within the FAA community the images have received great reviews. I enjoyed capturing these images. I enjoy capturing all my images and creating my digital art however the images that another individual acquires from the artist is a validation that their works have an intrinsic value and their beauty as well as the artist’s vision has been well received. Today these artworks grace someone’s home or office as home décor or office décor. Please do not take this statement as vain, it is not meant to be, rather to know that a work of art that you have created is prominently displayed in someone’s home or office is very humbling. In today’s art and print market the competition is very tough, yet someone seen something special in your work, something unlike the 100’s or maybe even 1000’s of similar works. For those individuals I want to say “Thank You” for your support and I sincerely hope you enjoy my works as much as I enjoyed capturing or creating them. --Chris Flees The images in this gallery are made available as fine art prints and home décor by FAA. The images are Copyrighted by: Chris Flees / C Flees Photography.

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