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Trail View Colorado Springs

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Trail View Colorado Springs

Trail view Colorado Springs. I am once again revisiting some of my images from Colorado Springs. For me Colorado was a unique place full of mystery and adventure. A place to explore and dream. Although I only spent a week or so there on this trip I came to realize that the saying of those wiser than me “one day can help an individual turn a corner” is so true. I have found that one week can shape an entire lifes trail. To me that’s what this image represents.

The twisted mesquite, cactus, and a fir tree black the way of the path most traveled. You have to change your path or get eaten up by that in which you should never of traveled to begin with. A wise man once told me the height of insanity was to continue to do the same things you have always done in your life and expect a different result. After a long battle with drugs and alcohol I found out how true that saying really was. If you follow your demons they will lead you right into the ground, a life without meaning and purpose. No one ever wants to be forgotten but the trail of meritocracy will do that to you and about you. The life of everything’s just fine, we will get by is a lie sold to us by our upbringing of go to school, get a good education, and get a good job, retire and live out the rest of your days in relative comfort. Blah…. Don’t believe it, it is a trap to keep you held back and barely getting by. It sounds enticing but it is a lie.

I know that Christianity today is not that popular, I understand why it’s the mediocre, the Christians living their lives in relative comfort, broke and having nothing more to show for their efforts than Joe the atheist so for the mediocre the “average Christian” has no more in their lives but an average existence, they may or might not go to church, and resemble the world and those in it in every way. I fell for that trap, I remember being “on fire” as a Christian and life wasn’t easy but worked and then I fell into that mediocre trap as well. Although the tree was lying across the new path I chose to take I decided to crawl over it, though it instead of turning the corner and taking the path although less traveled was clear and blazed as well as the wide one.

I have come to realization that regardless what you currently believe, regardless of your faith whether it be that of the Christian or the Atheist or Christian or any other religion out there do not be mediocre about it be absolutely sold out to it. Be absolutely sold out to a better life for your family, be absolutely sold out to improving your financial position, be absolutely sold out to becoming a better person and fully utilizing your talents.

If you are sold out to your faith, finances, family, and talents and your life continues not to work the way it should change something. Maybe theres an issue with your faith that needs to be resolved, a family issue that needs ironed out, a financial decision that needs fixed, or that you need to work on yourself. But determine what it is and turn the corner on that point in your life.

For the Christians out there we have the biggest indictment, there is a parable in the scriptures about talents. The high and low of the parable goes like this 3 men were given talent based on abilities, three different individuals 3 different amounts and were told by their master to multiply them. After a long time away the master came back and asked what they did with those talents. The first man who was given the most said he doubled them, the second man who was given the second most said he to doubled them, the third man said he buried them and here they are back. The master rewarded those who had doubled their talents (which was an ancient measure of money). He punished and took away those talents of the one who buried them. To be mediocre is no different than burying your talents in the ground and doing nothing with them.

If you truly want life to work, quit being mediocre or the average joe who does little to nothing about life and allows it to happen and become passionate about all aspects of that which you are doing. Promote it like you believe in it, take the other trail when it becomes obvious that this is not the trail you should be on and begin to love life instead of just getting by and letting life happen. A person realizes his or her blessings when they go all in do not hold back to forming their lives in such a way that all their talents are utilized. On that day when all things in life are balanced all the talents are being promoted and utilized, on that day you will find a peace about you and realize how much life is worth living.

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