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fall Milton, Wv morning

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fall Milton, Wv morning

A Fall Morning in the Country. It was a very interesting morning I was up most of the night with a good friend waiting and attempting to shoot images of shooting stars from the meteor shower that was suppose to be happening the night before. While we did see several meteors capturing them on the camera was a different issue.

Like anything else when you attempt to do something for the first time you may or may not have success when you try it. Unfortunately in this case we were unsuccessful in capturing a good image. Friendship and fellowship was worth the time together even though the images were pretty much a bust.

When I began down the hill from my friendís house I saw this Mayberry looking image just there waiting and begging to be captured. I stopped my vehicle on the hill going down and captured it. Its interesting just one of those everyday images presented in an unusual way. I think with life in general we are too busy living that we forget to see whose things that are around us. I have driven down the hill 100 times at least and never seen this before. This time I didnít miss it I captured it and it made me wonder how after all those times I had never seen it before.

The minute we quit living for the obvious and start living to see itís a pretty amazing thing . Life is too short to let stuff even that which is familiar pass us by. Country scenes, the byways, nature all can be missed if we are not paying attention yet we miss it every day. When life actually qualifies as being lived is when we notice those things we once would have said there it is and finally stop and say wow look at that.

The smoke rising from the chimneys, the sun rising from the east, the valley filled with fog. Life was moving but for just one moment in time all was still. Never to be forgotten.

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