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Chris Flees

C Flees Photography

Charlotte, NC


I am an active: art promoter, artist, and photographer.

I began learning about photography at the age of 13, continuing with that passion to capture the perfect image for the next 27+years. Transforming from a studio photographer to capturing the essence of life and nature. The overall concept of my image galleries are God's gifts and That which was made from God's Gifts. Today I have a very eclectic portfolio of images that transcends many styles and subjects. In an ever evolving mission to capture that "one image" that defines the essence of who I am.

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Waiting for Santa


Waiting for Santa - Christmas Card


1969 Chevy Camaro z28


Mallard and Chicks


Flamingo in a pond


1988 Chevy Monte Carlo


hamadryas baboon sitting on rocks


Christmas Reflection - Christmas Card


cathedrals falls ice and motion


Mingo falls 3


smooth chanterelle


Cumberland Azalea


The First Christmas - greeting card


Scarlet Ibis in a pond


1923 Willys Knight Model 67 Touring Car


Green Anole lizard vs Wolf spider


fall leaves on a tree


Upper portion Dorothy Falls


Entering the Garden Gate


Ocelot in den


Pearsons falls


Bald eagle looking right


Golden Rat Tail Cactus


bracket fungus


1971 Dodge Challenger